Covers the DMXCreator512Basic (USB), MXCreator512MK2 (LPT), DMXCreator1024 (USB) and DMXCreator1024+ interfaces and the main software:

Manual English V2.3
(2200Kb, pdf)
Handbuch Deutsch V2.3 (2200Kb, pdf)
Mode d'emploi en France V1.6 (1600Kb, pdf)
Manual Chinese V1.6 (2700Kb, pdf)

Interface Upgrade Procedure:

The procedure to upgrade a DMXCreator 128 to 512 channels is as follows:

  1. Check if you have an upgradeable interface. Only the new version with black XLR plug will work for the upgrade.
  2. Install the current software version from our page
    • Plug in DMXCreator128
    • Start software
    • Go to Settings / Sync & Hardware / Hardware
    • Press button "Mapping"
    • Interface should be visible i.E:

      click to enlarge
    • Please e-mail us the serial no. on the right side.
  3. Upgrade cost: EUR 250.00 Please transfer the money to our account or via Paypal
  4. Once we receive your payment, we will forward you the upgrade code. Activate it by right clicking on the serial number field (on the right) and entering the code in the prompt. That's it!

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