VXCO Licht- & Showtechnik was founded in 1996 as a lighting and sound hire / distribution company.

In 1999, after a constant period of growth, VXCO was looking for new control solutions for DMX512 capable fixtures. Not finding the solution to match ist needs, VXCO started to develop its very own PC based lighting control software. The DMXCreator was thus born with the idea that advanced lighting control need not be based on large, heavy and expensive lighting control desks.

After an extensive field testing period of more than one year, VXCO introduced the new DMXCreator to the Swiss market. The response from local rental companies and club suppliers in Switzerland was very good. As a result of this initial success, VXCO started to sell the DMXCreator system internationally. The new subdivision VXCO Lighting Systems Switzerland was founded. It has two main divisions: the DMXCreator PC lighting controller, as well as the development of customized DMX512 electronics.

VXCO Lighting Systems designs, develops and manufactures all hard- and software components in Switzerland according to the most stringent quality standards.