Matrix editor

The Matrix Editor makes LED or fixture array programming easy. Led fixtures to be used can simply be dragged and dropped onto the matrix. Once this setup is complete, there are several different tools that make powerful effects programming simple and expedient. The Matrix Editor handles video as well as text scrolling and has other presets that are fully adjustable. Once the user is happy with the look, all there is left to do is to press on the "generate sequence" button, and finished!

Multimedia Timeline Editor

This is a great tool for programming and synchronising complex or multimedia shows. To create a timeline, simply drag and drop your pre-programmed chases onto one of the 32 tracks and choose individual fade times or cross fade options. Media files can be added to the top two tracks, and represented in wave form for easy synchronisation. For example, if you would like your light show to change at a particular point in the song, simply extend click on the chase on the time track and extend it to the desired length. Video files are output through the VGA port of the computer.

Each show can have up to 256 sequences, where each sequence can contain up to 16384 scenes. The quantity of Show files is unlimited

Panel Designer

The library of fixture panels can be extended individually. The user is able to create, edit or download panels from our website. Included "Panel Designer"

Synchronization & Hardware

Sequence steps can get their trigger steps from the internal clock, a tap beat knob, internal master time track, external sound source or MIDI show control

Each show can have up to 256 sequences, where each sequence can contain up to 16384 scenes. The quantity of Show files is unlimited

Visual Emulator

The "Visual Emulator" creates a 3D view of your light show, even if no real fixtures are connected. The colored moving beams of the fixtures gives you the possibility to preprogram your show. Place environmental objects like truss, stages, DJ booths speaker boxes and many more. Import possiblity for 3DS files
Memorizing of the main scanner's beam targets and focus for fast adaptation of ready shows to any new location. It's easy to use a new fixture in a previously programmed show due to the copy and paste, save and load (scene, sequence, fixture scene, fixture sequence) features
MDifferent crossfade modes generate smooth movement between scenes. It's possible to adjust any DMX-value, scene time and fade time directly in a graphical bar window

DMX Record

Multiple routing possibilities of DMX input to output. Record feature for data on DMX input

Cue List

Cue list for fast access to predefined "Multi Sequence" combinations (Cues)

Multi Sequence Player

The "Multi Sequence Player" allows the user to play up to 32! different sequences simultaneously and with different speeds

Track Editor

The "Track Editor" allows the user to display and manipulate the path of a scan beam. The "Sewing Machine" mode allows creating new scenes as points marked on this path

Track Editor

Create fixture groups for faster access multiple fixtures

The final show can be remote controlled via the PC Midi input

  • Full control: Patch/Program change sets the desired Sequence (0-127), note on selects the scene within the sequence (0-127).
  • Sequence control: Patch/Program change or note on selects the sequence (0-127) and is running with the preprogrammed tempo mode and speed.

Midi start/stop commands are supported for start and stop of sequence.

supported OS

  • DMXCreator512Basic and DMXCreator1024 interface (USB port): Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10
  • DMXCreator512MK2 interface (Parallel port): Microsoft Windows XP

Minimum system requirements of the computer:

  • IBM or compatible PC with Pentium processor 1Ghz
  • 256MB Ram
  • 30MB free harddisk space
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768
  • One free printer port (bidirectional) for DMXCreator512MK2
  • One free USB port for DMXCreator512Basic and DMXCreator1024